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Collaboration between public and private companies in the provision, financing and management of infrastructure, equipment and public or general interest services through long-term contracts has become one of the most powerful tools of development from the late nineteenth century . Spanish companies have specialized in these collaborations and occupy the top of the world rankings in the activity.

The current global economic and financial crisis is further demonstrated how public-private partnerships in the management of infrastructure, equipment and services will be one of the cornerstones of economic activity in the future. The foreseeable shortage of financial resources in the budgets of the government will further boost, with the support of experienced private sector developers, those investments, without taxing the public deficit must contribute to social welfare, both in the developed world as the developing countries.

The complexity of these contracts requires professionals to be running a set of unique skills and management capabilities, among which possess a high level of technical, economic and financial literacy, management techniques and business management faculty to adapt quickly to new business environments. Not forgetting the administrative and institutional legal aspects. These are precisely the axes around which have structured the content and methodology of this Master, whose fourteenth edition is presented in this booklet. The excellent results achieved in previous editions have been confirmed by the insertion of three hundred and fifty professionals who have already surpassed previous years in senior positions in the public administration and public companies, the financial world, the companies promoting infrastructure, equipment and services, consulting firms, universities, armies, etc.

Conscious of the need to maintain the leading position in the specialized graduate education that has characterized previous editions, the director of the Master team has continued to analyze the global evolution of such contracts and drafting new cases and incorporating new teachers and lecturers experienced.

Since the launch of this project, the organizers have received strong support from the sponsors, who receive the high level of interest this initiative, which each year attracted students from other nationalities also incorporated by the prestige of the Spanish industry and the Master, students contribute to enrich the exchange of knowledge and experiences that provides the course itself. These sponsors wish to express our sincere thanks.



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